Here I am. 

I usually have a story to tell, but right now, I have to get ready to go take our Christmas picture.  Yes, I said Christmas picture and yes, it is New Year’s Eve.  We’re on a roll here. We tried yesterday, but Mike forgot to bring the tripod and I fell into the mud on the hike down to the falls. He took some nice pictures anyway, but Teddy, the dog, wouldn’t face the camera and the pink afternoon hue over the falls got washed out of the background.  Nick and I were arguing over our usual things. He’s twelve.  Can I tell you that living with a twelve-year-old has its highs and lows? Mike is all over the lighting issue, but flounders when it comes to what to do about Nick and I.  Is it normal for a boy to begin to separate from his mom by pushing back? You’ll no doubt hear more about that in days to come.  Mike, avoiding the issue of Nick and I, says the light is different today.  Well, we live in the Pacific Northwest.  Of course it’s different. That’s what I love about living here.

Someday, I’ll tell you why this place is all called ‘waves over the bow.’

Someday, I’ll tell you how our photo comes out.  There are usually a bunch of good outtakes, but Mike will pick the professional one to send out. Why do Christmas photos always have to be so serious? If I were doing the prints, they’d be the ones for which our hair is standing straight up because of the wind or the one in which Mike is a little off balance on his snow shoes as he tries to get into the picture before it pops. My life is a lot more off kilter like that than the smooth photographs of serious, beautiful people smiling for the camera.

We’ll have fun, but I hope I don’t fall into the mud today.

Thanks for listening, jules