Am I obligated to tell you the truth?

I don’t think so.

What is the truth, anyway? I remember an important event one way and someone else who was there remembers it another. Just ask my sister. She and I are always arguing about what happened, like the time we hiked the glacier in the Rockies or what time it was and who was there when our dad died. It’s all perception anyway. There are whole boring books that argue about reality and perception.

Here’s the deal. I feel obligated to entertain you. That is all. That is utmost here. I will make things up if it makes it a better story. When I was a kid, my family had a whole bunch of names for me, not all of them pleasant. Pee Wee was my favorite until that strange guy on television took it over and ruined it by getting caught doing rude things at the movie theater. One of the words they used for me was ‘storyteller’ and they didn’t mean that in a good way. Oh, I tried to tell them the true story as I saw it, but then some idea would pop up to make it just a little bit better story. As far as I could see, it was just a little more true with this added feature. It made the truth I was trying to tell stand out just a little bit more. So what the sun didn’t break out of the clouds behind my head and make a halo when I told you that story. If it had, you’d believe me a little bit more, wouldn’t you and the gist of it was still true, right? I could get myself to really believe the extra parts of the stories I’ve told. The mud was a little bit deeper. The sun burned a littel bit hotter. The love was more passionate.

What is reality anyway?

I’m not alone in asking that question, apparently. Plato and Aristotle began the rhetoric. In some circles of philosophy, there is no reality but for perception. Check this out. (I love Wikipedia, by the way.) Do you understand it? It’s okay, I only skimmed it anyway. The gist of it is that I can tell my truth as I see it, and even skew my truth, and the world will not cease to exist, though something may be altered at the quantum level.

Thank you for listening, jules


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