Running in Circles

Mike is home early. He had an MRI on his knee today to see if he’s a candidate for knee surgery. He’s ready, dude. Can’t you see that by the way he walks? We’re both drinking tea, his a decaf and mine a rooibus with a hint of chocolate flavor from the dark square I just finished eating. Mike is sitting on the couch with his computer in his lap. I’m sitting at my computer in front of the window. I cannot use the computer comfortably in a reclining position. He’s left the classical music on the TV. What a good use for TV, to play classical music. I would warrant a guess that the minute I get up to take the dog for a walk, he’ll change the channel to some action flick he already has in his movie library but won’t get up to dig out of the pile. We have this argument over and over.

“We have that movie. Why don’t we put it in so we don’t have to watch the commercials,” I have said many times.

“And miss the good stuff?” he says back as a scooter commercial tells us they can make it easier for us to get to the bathroom. Even when I offer to get up and find the movie, he doesn’t take me up on it.

This music is a parody of classical music. Imagine the stuff you listen to while you’re ice skating. I should let him change the channel. I know it’s driving him nuts. It’s making my lips crack and bleed because I’m sitting here laughing. Don’t you hate when you’re working quietly in a room with someone and you feel as though you have to explain why you’re sitting there laughing while your lip bleeds? Mike knows why my lip is bleeding. He’s been watching the whole gory scene.

Did you want the update on how I’m growing a new lower lip? You didn’t know about that? Well, my dermatologist has me using Zyclara for skin cancer on my face. I finished the second round of it on New Year’s eve, but in the meantime, my lips became a raw bloody mess because of a sunburn I got on them when I was a kid. It started to hurt on December 27th and just yesterday stopped being excruciating. It was pretty gummy and crusty yesterday though, so it was still hard to eat. Today, it bleeds when I bend over, when I yell at Nick, when I laugh, when I sneeze, and when I’m in the shower. I haven’t tried flossing, but that did a job on me yesterday, so I just might skip a day and be grungy until tomorrow. I hate when my teeth are grungy.

There it is. That’s the update. Happy now?

Poor Teddy is standing at the sliding glass door, watching the leaves blow around in circles. He’s whining.

“The leaves get to run in circles,” he seems to be saying. “Just look at that. They’re playing and I’m stuck inside. Was I a bad dog? Did you forget that I am here? Can I use my telepathy to stare a hole in your head to tell you I want, no, I need to go out and play the way the those leaves are playing.”

I’m just waiting for the boys to get home so they can get some exercise too. They may think they want to spend their afternoon in front of the TV, but they don’t. Not really.

Thank you for listening, jules


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