Tucked In

It turns out that being left out isn’t all that bad sometimes. Sure, I missed out on some fun stuff today, sledding and snow shoeing, but I took some time for myself. Last night, I watched a couple of movies. I liked one but in the other, the weather killed the bad guy. How many times has that worked out for you, that just when you were about at your wit’s end, a river rose up and grabbed the stalker and took him. Yeah, I thought so. Me neither.

There I sat, watching this dumb story, and when that happened, I yelled out loud at the television. I admit it. I suddenly hated this movie I’d been tepid about just a few minutes before. Give me a romantic movie that seems just a little plausible, will you?

I liked the other movie, though I could complain about its unwieldy title: Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. Funny movie. Lousy title. I especially liked the character ‘Sorry’ but they were all a little quirky, yet not altogether outlandish. The guy wearing the Dunkin Donuts T shirt was funny too, even though he’s one of those actors whose name I don’t know and he had a small part. Don’t you love that, when even small parts in the movie are played well?

This morning, I went back to bed and slept until I was done sleeping. No one needed anything. I didn’t have to make breakfast, except for me. There were no errands to run, though I can admit to you that I should have taken down the Christmas lights. At least it’s still January. I talked to Mike midday and he said they were coming back early, that one of the boys had a bit of frostbite. Bummer! He said it had been hard for them all to stay warm enough though they did pretty well last night will all their sleeping bags. After that, I took the dog for a long walk and went to Third Place Books for fun. They had music. They had books. They sold a killer salad, split pea soup, and a foamy little tea latte that made me feel cosy. After the long walk, letting Teddy run with a couple of labradoodles, I figured little time just for me was in order.

About the time when I was relaxing into my book and drinking my latte, Nick called.

“Mom, can you come get me?” he asked.

“Where are you?”

“We’re back at home, you know, at the house where we left from,” he said.

“Honey, I’m more than a half an hour away. What’s Daddy doing?”

“He’s with the other Scouts. Can you come get me?”

“Honey, I just sat down to my dinner and I’m not even at home. I can’t jump up and come get you. I thought you were going to get in at 7:30.”

“I know, Mom, but can you come now?”

“You sound tired. Are you tired?”

“No, I just want you to come get me, okay?”

“Sweetie, if I walked away from my food right now, it would still take thirty minutes to get to you. You’d be home already.”

Silence on the other end of the line.
“Honey, can you put your dad on the phone?”

Mike told me that they’d be on their way as soon as the last Scout was picked up. In the end, it took twenty minutes and they were five minutes from home. I knew all that when Nick called. Still, I knew I’d never be able to relax and hang out. I ate my dinner quickly, only scanning the book I’d hoped to finish, gathered my things, and just as I stood up to put on my coat, the musicians began to play. It was jazz. I like jazz. Well, crap.

By the time I got home, the two of them were stretched out on the couch. Mike was asleep and Nick was watching ‘Underdog’ on television, a bleary look in his eyes. Their lips and cheeks were pink from the cold. Mike’s hands were chapped and bleeding a little. I managed to get Nick to brush his teeth and within thirty minutes of getting home, got him into bed. By the time I left Nick’s room after saying goodnight, Mike had already slipped into bed and fallen asleep.

Being out in the cold really takes it out of you. It’s eight degrees at the pass right now. That’s cold. I’m glad they’re home.

But now I’m here, by myself, not willing to go back out into the cold to go hear the rest of the music, but not ready to slide into the warm bed either. I can’t turn up the music on the stereo. I don’t have another romantic comedy to watch unless I’m willing to put up with commercials.

I think I’ll finish reading my book. Maybe I should make myself another cup of tea too. I could even put on my pajamas. It might be cosy. You can’t get away with wearing your pajamas at Third Place Books, not unless you’re six. This might just be that time to myself that I’d been craving, only this way, I don’t have to wonder if either of them is chilly in their beds. I know they’re warm under quilts that I made for them myself. I’m going to read and have my tea for just a little while before I join them.

Thank you for listening, jules


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